**SAFE Garlic/Onion Seed Oil Use** When Making Potion

PLEASE view this in order to safely use the garlic & onion seed oils when making your potion

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25 Responses to “**SAFE Garlic/Onion Seed Oil Use** When Making Potion”

  1. thewhitedove2006 says:

    .May Allah bless you restore your? health

  2. ethelf3 says:

    I would like to buy some of? your potion where can I buy some from you can email me at ethelf3@gmail.com please I need some help with my edges an my hair an scalp

  3. ThatDamnTwig says:

    Where in the world can I buy garlic and onion seed oil?! I went to a million stores and all who didn’t know what it was, didn’t have it, or looked at me “onions doesn’t even have seeds”
    I know it’s online but I hate online shopping because it takes so long to come.?

  4. samiah515 says:

    I just completed chemo & radiation treatment..I am looking forward in seeing growth..my hair use to come to my waist before chemo treatment. I will give heads up after a few weeks of using this product..Thank you for being a blessing. Oh..remember? to get your yearly check up..I didn’t & became stage 3 w/breast cancer..however, God’s mercy fell on me and I am doing fine.

  5. missindependent610 says:

    where can you buy onion seed oil and garlic oil to make this potion??

  6. SHIRLEY0753 says:

    i just receive your potion do i? need to go get some garlic oil and onion oil to put in my potion,how much do i use will this stop the shedding i been reading about
    my hair is very fine and i do have a perm,my hair is very very thin on top

  7. CastleRecordz says:

    Hi. Do I need the onion and garlic oils to make the potion? I can’t find them locally and last wanna make the potion. Do you think it’ll make a tremendous difference??

  8. ZuriChase says:

    How can I? order?

  9. calj0485 says:

    Can i use clove? oil in this potion instead of garlic oil?

  10. calj0485 says:

    Can i use clove oil in this potion instead of? garlic oil?

  11. becca9300 says:

    where can you buy onion and garlic? seed oil

  12. temickab says:

    I just bought some Allium Cepa? LM3 what does that mean? Did i get the wrong kind?

  13. theocraticlady says:

    where did you find the oils at? i? can’t seem to find them online.

  14. pink32smooches says:

    cant find the garlic and onion? oil anywhere where diid you get yours

  15. FirstLadyC0203 says:

    Is there a particular site I can order the oils? from?-Thanks in advance

  16. grandberrytexas says:

    hi i have a big bald spot on the side of my head and i had cut all my hair off to grow it natural? in nov.08. and its now bearly toughing my collar bone do you think this will help my hair grow past my shoulders in 6months? and i want my baby hairs back do you think this will help. thank you and god bless!

  17. luuvtia says:

    Awesome! Thanks for your? help! :)

  18. OhValerieMonCherie says:

    no, it doesn’t have to be Q potency, thats just the? ordering instructions for that particular website

  19. luuvtia says:

    So does that mean we have to use the allium cepa or sativum in? “mother tincture, Q potency” or do you think we can use a garlic/onion seed oil that has a different potency? Like one found in most health food stores?

  20. OhValerieMonCherie says:

    I don’t use black onion seed oil personally. I use any Allium cepa L formula because there are solid studies that prove it has reversed the effects of Alopecia Areata.? Check out this link: ncbi dot nlm dot nih dot gov

    You could try the black seen oil but do some research first to see if it has been used in any hair loss studies. Hope this helps :-)))

  21. Isumianka says:

    Would black onion seed oil be the same as onion seed oil? and is black seed oil the same as onion seed oil? I was looking online and it kept saying black seed oil or black cumin oil.? And do you use the tincture or the pure onion/garlic oils? Thanks!

  22. OhValerieMonCherie says:

    No prob!?

  23. OhValerieMonCherie says:

    Oh no its fine. Now just make sure you massage correctly after applying the oil. Use the tips of your fingers starting at the base of your neck, up behind your ears until you reach the front hairline. Then massage your way into the crown area, focusing on thin or bald patches!? Good luck :-)))

  24. OhValerieMonCherie says:

    Good for you! I’m sure it will be fine. It should really be VERY dark, almost black but don’t worry about it this time. Next time add more tea and make sure? its Tetleys or Redrose.

  25. skootb2 says:

    @OhValerieMonCherie iJust Made My “Potion”? Last Night& It Turned Out Looking Like Coffee w/ Cream lol {TooMuch Cayenne Pepper} but Ima Still Use It & Post My Results !!!

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