Growing Vegetables in Rain Gutters from Seed to Harvest

Your friends Gardener Greg and Floraformer Fred show you progress on growing in rain gutters. Progress from seed to harvest is shown with tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, peas and more. Growing peas and tomatoes in rain gutters is serious alternative gardening.

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When growing vegetables from seeds, it is helpful to use a mix of compost, vermiculite and peat moss, which produces a light texture perfect for seed germination. Start vegetable seeds in seed trays withhelp from an professional gardener in this free video on growing from seeds. Expert: Ali Reynolds Contact: Bio: Ali Reynolds owns Ali’s Organics where she sells organic gardening supplies and accessories and raises organic vegetables for sale. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “Growing Vegetables in Rain Gutters from Seed to Harvest”

  1. the1969info says:

    how many tomatoes per plant did you get from your harvest??

  2. tommidrab says:

    @ozarkcacti thx

  3. ozarkcacti says:

    @tommidrab If your worried about growing in aluminum you can buy plastic gutter which is also cheaper.

  4. blindbox99 says:

    Audio is very poor :-(

  5. tommidrab says:

    i been tryin 2 find some info online but im failing, is it safe 2 grow in gutters, since they r usualy made of aluminum ? thanx

  6. RemoteGardener says:

    momheinan, We will be posting more detailed videos of the entire assembly process and setup of our gutter growing system once it gets closer to fall. Right now in summer we are not doing much gutter growing but we will again once the temperatures begin to drop and will film the entire process.

  7. momheinan says:

    could you guys show exactly what you did to set up the gutters (drainage, heat tape, etc.). Thanks.

  8. rollinrubber1 says:

    great stuff guys! my hens love grasshoppers and the eggs can’t be beat, though you may have to watch them, but it looks like you guys spend some time in there anyway

  9. yesmagic says:

    Thanks guys

  10. RemoteGardener says:

    Hey Sayhey… standard ol home depot. They have the gutters and the roof heating lines.

  11. sayheyray99 says:

    Great Video. Where did you get your raingutters and heating element?

  12. jlhappytoes says:

    i wih u have spoke a little louder and a little clearer so that i could have undertand u a little better. thanks

  13. redlips49 says:

    thank you so much for your video. your system is so great!!love it

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