syrian rue seeds mimosa hostillis root bark

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22 Responses to “Ayahuasca”

  1. PolaroidPicxie says:

    me to give me the how to do

  2. Reaper6207 says:

    @broseph70 Wait, you could find the ingredients to make this stuff at head shops? Please tell me you’re serious cause there’s a dozen or so around where I live.

  3. Dogma216 says:

    Warning to anyone considering taking MAOI’s (syrian rue being one)
    You NEED to follow a strict diet… some foods can cause your body to have extremely high blood presure and possible strokes.

    please do proper research and respect your body, as these can dangerous chemicals if not properly used.

    (Im not promoting the use of anything, this is for information purposes)

  4. Dogma216 says:

    @rawlucas yes, but its an acid/base extraction requiring some harsh chemicals.
    that would yield in freebase NN-DMT crystals O.O quite intense i’ve read.

  5. Dogma216 says:

    sorry mate its illegal, its probablly possible to find it within the country though.

  6. HiLlSpEaKeR says:

    Your supposed to purge..

  7. nancicunha says:

    maybe you could record a video for us, step by step please? Thank you so much

  8. nancicunha says:

    i went to a cerimony here in Uk with a South American Shaman, they meet in Brigton every months but i do not have the recipe to prepare it, can anyone out there help me please? Thank you so much

  9. broseph70 says:

    oh it well for sure make you barf. The purging is part of the soul cleansing process….said to purge negative energy from the spirt

  10. davidisadadof2 says:

    did it make u barf? or this the right stuff to get to not barf?

  11. bodomchild541 says:

    SWIM got powderd bark 200 grams for 20 bucks..
    Makes good soup

  12. StoneRiderM3 says:

    will siriyan rue git u high alone

  13. jackkempson says:

    Do you know anything about the legality of syrian rue seeds and mimosa hostillis in australia?

  14. rawlucas says:

    whoops its Mimoso Hostilis, but you already know about that.. duh XD my bad.

  15. rawlucas says:

    you can extract dmt from Mimilo Hostilis, the root bark. I’ve never done it but have read about it. It sounds like a DEFINITE thing I need to try…

  16. TheSalviaShaman says:

    yeah thanks man. There are plenty of places around here where i could check.

  17. broseph70 says:

    i actually haven’t yet, the plan is to do it exactly 1 week from today. But i actually went to the other headshops today and for some reason they didn’t have any. Though one place said that he could get it but that he stopped buying it because no one was buying it. So I bet if you go to your local shop for some and if they don’t have it than I’d bet that they would still be able to order some for you

  18. TheSalviaShaman says:

    damn thats pretty good if it works, have you tested it yet?

  19. broseph70 says:

    the seeds were $10 for 6 grams and the bark was $20 for 16 grams. you only need 3 grams of the seeds to take around 30 minutes before you drink the brew you make from the tea. 8 grams is all you need for the brew for one person. So therefore its like $15 a person + tax

  20. TheSalviaShaman says:

    thanks, do you remember how much it was (cost)?

  21. broseph70 says:

    well the one i got it from wasn’t even that big. In my town there are 2 bigger headshops like 5 miles further than the one i went to, and I would assume that they would probably have it too, but I’m not 100% sure. The headshop I got this from had it literally right next to the salvia

  22. TheSalviaShaman says:

    idk if you would know this or not, but do most headshops have that or is the one you got them from different?

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