growing vegetables from store bought seeds?

Question by Bandett: growing vegetables from store bought seeds?

Brussels sprout seeds and others. I plant them in potting soil, follow the instructions on package.tried several times. they start and grow about an inch or two. then croak.soil just damp, then let it dry out a little , then some i tried to water lightly. then they croak. had them on the screened porch no direct sun.,but plenty of light, here in cocoa, florida. they never get passed that seedling stage. used Scott’s garden soil in 4 inch pots ,I don’t think i over watered them.–same thing with jalapeno seeds, but got a couple of them to grow. I generally do ok with plants.

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Answer by astronomyccsjr
MY only suggestion is this : When I start from seed i let plants sprout and then put them on top of refrigerator. The heat emitted from the cooling coils of the freezer part rises and wafts over the plants and has helped me get them to grow more vigorously. However, planting them soon after this stage will give them a better chance to adapt also.

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  1. louise b says:

    The easiest way to solve your problem is by buying any “seed starting kit”. They cost about $8.00 from Lowes, or any other garden center. Ferry Morse makes a good one which gives you about 60 little peat circles (you don’t have to use them all at once) and has it’s own plastic cover – which really helps with germination. Also, don’t bury your seeds, just lay them on top, and don’t water them – mist them. It’s so easy and gratifying you’ll want to start everything from seed! Hope this helps and happy planting!

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